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Serve Your Nation 2012


The team and indiviual leaderboards are listed below after Serve Your Nation took place for the first time at the World Group semifinals.

Three entrants will represent their nation at every World Group tie. They will each hit three serves on the stadium court, and their fastest one will be recorded. This contributes to the team's overall average serve speed, while the players will also be posted on the individual leaderboard.

The fastest serve in Davis Cup by BNP Paribas history was struck by Ivo Karlovic during the World Group first round in 2011. The 6' 10" Croat boomed down a 156 mph (251 km/h) serve, which was a world record at the time. Can you come close to matching it in Serve Your Nation?

Team leaderboard

Rank Nation Ties
Serve (km/h)
Serve (km/h)
1 USA 1 175 170
2 Spain 2 173 150
3 Czech Republic 2 164 145
4 Argentina 1 146 118


Individual leaderboard

Rank Player Name Fastest
Serve (km/h)
1 Austin Krajicek (USA) 175
2= David Bastian Jr (USA) 173

Fernando Rodriguez (ESP) 173
4 Jiri Havlin (CZE) 164
5= Jose Fernandez (ESP) 162
Pascual Rodriguez (ESP) 162
7 David Bastian (USA) 161
8 Robert Novotny (CZE) 152
9= Edgardo Carlos (ARG) 146
Pavel Susak (CZE) 146
11 Gaston Lucero (CZE) 142
12 Macarena Rodriguez (ESP) 140
13 Carlos de las Morenas (ESP) 138
14 Christian Pesoa (CZE) 133
15 Juan Diaz (CZE) 132
16 Victor Perez (ESP) 126
17 Matias Gurmandi (ARG) 120
18 Estafania Schimpf (ARG) 87




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